Trips with PAEX are hand-hewn, custom-built, and range from one week to a hundred days in length. We work with a limited number of clients each year. All trips include a minimum of one guide per client and place an emphasis on understanding Patagonia's physical and cultural geographies, with up-close interactions with glaciers, pristine rivers, wildlife, and authentic Patagonian ranching traditions.

No two trips are the same, but most use our iconic Aysén Glacier Trail as a base. We offer door-to-door service from Balmaceda Airport, outside Coyhaique. 


what to expect on a paex trip:

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The Aysén Glacier Trail

Our gold-standard route, widely recognized as one of the finest treks on the planet. A ten-day trek that includes pristine old-growth forest, high alpine overlooks, and a traverse of the Nef Glacier. A challenging trek suitable for all ages and skill levels. 

The Fault Line Trek

The Fault Line Trek follows the ancient Cachet fault line through geologically rich terrain, granting visitors breathtaking views over the Arco Valley. This extremely remote journey functions as a ten-day standalone trek or a five-day addition to the AGT. 

The Nunatak Trek

The Nunatak Trek traverses the Colonia and Arenales glaciers, bringing trekkers into intimate contact with the rivers of ice that shape the Patagonian landscape to this day. A challenging but non-technical trek, the Nunatak is a five-day addition to the AGT.