Our clients consistently tell us we've given them the trip of their lives. Many of them return year after year, and some have travelled with us every season for over a decade.

Outdoor Magazine and El Mercurio, Chile's leading newspaper, have both declared the AGT one of the world's finest treks. Our TripAdvisor page is filled with thoughtful praise. Scroll down to see what others have said about traveling with PAEX.

Reviews & Press

Outside Magazine: Best Winter Adventure

"Chilean Patagonia is like California 150 years ago, its rugged green mountains, silica-blue rivers, and icefields populated with mostly sheep, guanaco, and gauchos. Patagonia Adventure Expeditions operates its own trail on the east side of the Northern Ice Fields, taking you through old-growth lenga forests, past ice-strewn glacial lakes, and over the glaciers themselves. Their 14-day Ice-to-Ocean Adventure begins with the rugged ten-day trek around the Aysen Glacier Trail, camping on pre-stocked tent platforms, followed by a four-day float to the Pacific down the Río Baker, Chile's most voluminous river and the center of a hard-fought battle over a series of proposed dams"

El Mercurio: One of the World's Finest Treks

"The Aysén Glacier Trail is a trekker and nature lover's dream. The legendary Outside Magazine named it one of the ten most beautiful treks in the world. We hiked it with a group of scientists who were looking for more than just exercise. They are trying to solve a mystery."

LAN Magazine

"Over the eight days of intense hiking along this route, you'll experience a change very much like that of the lake. Everything seems to transform with each step you take. The only constant is the profound sense of tranquility, a feeling of being alone in the world. This is just nature in its most primal form: plains of sand, ravines covered in the greenery of the southern jungle, fairytale hills and mountains that seem summoned from legend. Dense forests, turquoise rivers, emerald lakes and gigantic rocks provide some of the postcard-worthy images that you'll accumulate as the day pass. There's one experience in particular that can't be beat: Simply take a drink from any fresh-water source; it's purer and more refreshing than any you've ever tasted."

Chimu Adventures: Top Five Treks in Patagonia

"Small on fame but huge on adrenalin-packed adventure, the Aysén Glacier Trail is a hard-core 115km trek, which crosses three glacial valleys and takes about 8 days to complete. If you’re looking for ‘out there’, challenging treks, then this is the one for you. On this trail, you’ll be guided through some of the most remote areas of the northern Patagonian ice cap, home of the third largest reservoir of fresh water on earth, and one of the least inhabited corners of Patagonia.  It makes for an immensely rewarding expedition."

"We have walked the AGT twice and have just finished trip number 11 with Jonathan and his amazing team. From bush wacking to boats slipping between icebergs, fresh bread at the incredible Sol de Mayo ranch or fly fishing the Claro. After 11 trips we hanker for more and count ourselves lucky to have found Adventure Patagonia. Their knowledge of the backcountry and commitment to the environment is second only to the safety of their clients and guides. We will return!" - 2014

"Jonathan is a logistical wizard, bringing people and equipment into a spectacularly remote part of the world. All of the guides are top notch. The terrain is stunning. The locals are an integral part of the trek and experience. No other trek will bring you as close to the essence of the region. PAEX, the AGT, and Patagonia are unforgettable." - 2015

"A five star trekking experience. Getting into the depths of Patagonia. Walking where very few people have ever walked before. No roads, no paths, just wild, wild landscape. Jonathan, the man that makes it all happen, is confident, reliable, and professional throughout the whole experience. From coordinating flights and accommodation to advice on gear and clothing to local knowledge and history." - 2014

"I had the great pleasure of walking the AGT in February of 2010 and it was all that I had dreamed that Patagonia would be and more. I will never forget trekking through isolated valleys and glaciers, drinking directly from rivers, and bonding with gauchos by the campfire. Jonathan and his guides were fun, professional, accommodating, and fantastic cooks. For anyone who wants to get away from the tourist route and have a pure Patagonian adventure, the AGT is the trip for you!" - 2012

Notes from our Guestbook

We have been completely overwhelmed by the power and the beauty of the Patagonian landscape and the warmth and friendliness of the people. This trek is definitely one of the major experiences of our lives. Exceptional guiding and great company. We cannot overestimate our admiration for the original vision and hard work of Jonathan to bring this to fruition. We thank you all from the bottom of our hearts.
— - Bill & Susanna, England, 2012
Words cannot express how deeply grateful I am to have had this opportunity for the adventure of a lifetime. We shared many wonderful talks. In many ways, this trip saved my life. You are a truly wonderful, inspiring team of people.
— Kris, Denver, 2016
This has been a trek filled with discoveries, new friends, new birds, new wisdom and powerful landscapes. There has been such an overwhelming sense of abundance of all these things. You have given us a great gift. We will never forget this trip nor our fellow trekkers. We are leaving you with much love and endless gratitude.
— Bonnie & Steve, Oregon, 2014
You told us that walking the AGT was like a symphony. Staying with that analogy, we think it is fair to say that you are a master composer. You and your team wook what we originally described as a “hiking and camping” trip and turned it into one of the most special and unique experiences of our lives. Take care of yourselves, this special place, and may you live each day with the same love, health, and happiness we experienced over the past week.
— - Aubrie & Michael, New York City, 2012
Such a life changing experience! I can’t thank you all enough.
— - Marlene, Colorado, 2016
Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful place with us. It’s been one of the most incredible trips I’ve experienced. Your enthusiasm knowledge about the history and culture of this place added so much to the journey. It will stay with me forever. Hope to return soon.
— Vanessa, Chicago, 2014