A trek through high-alpine meadows and forests, camping alongside pristine glacial lakes, and crossing free-flowing mountain streams.


A journey through geologic time, tracing the ancient Cachet Fault Line and teasing out the story of Patagonia's dramatic natural history.


Fault Line Trek Highlights

Route overview

The Fault Line Trek functions as a ten-day standalone trip, or a five-day extension of the AGT. The following itinerary begins at Camp 5 of the AGT:

Day 1: Cross Colonia Glacier terminal lake to Arco Camp.

Day 2: Climb up to Falla Valley, surrounded by hanging glaciers.

Day 3: Hike up the Falla River. Camp below Cerro Calvo.

Day 4: Cross Medalla Pass. Spectacular views of surrounding valleys.

Day 5: Descend Medalla Valley to confluence with the Claro River.

Day 6: Follow the Claro River to Sol de Mayo.