Based in Chile's vast and remote Aysén region, Patagonia Adventure Expeditions is not your typical outfitting service. Each expedition we lead is custom-built, hand-hewn, and utterly unique. 

Our trips are symphonies of sight and sound, science and art, physical challenge and spiritual release. They are glimpses into a dynamic landscape, untouched by human inhabitation.

Our privileged position on the Northern Patagonian Ice Field gives us access to the complete hydrological cycle of the Patagonian biosphere. We walk some of the world's most pristine glacial-fluvial valleys, traverse an ever-changing cyrosphere, pass through majestic old-growth forests, and study the geological stories of this immense landscape. 

All the trails we walk, we've built ourselves: exploring the landscape, scouting a route, creating a path to share with others. We move in harmony with our surroundings, and relish the opportunity to be the only human beings for miles around.

We create rustic, beautiful experiences, choosing elegance over opulence, remoteness over landmark destinations, intentional and mindful travel over hasty, superficial fly-by visits.


Treks & Expeditions

 Every year we work with select clients to craft customized, unique journeys that last anywhere from ten days to two months. You won't find anything else like them in the world. Learn more about traveling with PAEX here. 

Science & Education

The Northern Patagonian Ice Field offers rich insights into the past, present, and future of the world's climate. Scientists and student groups travel from all over the world to see this incredible natural laboratory first-hand. Learn more here: 


Who We are

We are glaciologists and geologists, artists and historians, teachers and students, climbers and river-runners. Above all, we are students of this place. We've dedicated our lives to understanding the human and physical geographies of the Northern Patagonian Ice Field and Baker River basin, and are committed to protecting these spectacular wild lands and the communities that call them home. Learn more about our style and philosophy here: